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What if you could live the life you want on your terms...

Living Authentically...


After spending over twenty years working in the fast paced corporate life, I knew I had reached the point where I could longer give anymore of myself for a life that was giving me even less in return. I felt there was always something missing. Could this be the life that we all strive so hard to achieve?


I had studied for my professional exams, completed a masters degree program and still could not put my finger on why my life felt so empty. I truly believe that many women like myself goes through this on a daily basis. Having been there myself, I fully understand what corporate life entails and how we can often find ourselves lost along the path to reach the glass ceiling.


We often find ourselves in many roles including parenting, being a wife, partner, boss and many others. Many of us are afraid to jump off the corporate bandwagon and seek to make our lives more meaningful. It was not until I made that bold move that I was able to experience what living on my own terms really meant.


What if I told you that it is possible to live the life you want and achieve your dreams having had the first hand experience of this life myself both professionally and personally.


Are you willing to do the self work to find your life's purpose and live a more fulfilling life?

That's where I come in. I have developed a bespoke mentoring and coaching program for clients who are willing to take this opportunity to transform into who they are meant to be.

I offer dedicated programs individually or to teams to find balance, happiness, success and increase productivity.

Your Authentic Self Personal Program

This is how I can help you. Not only have I lived through this but I am my own advocate for change and I want to help you find your true passion. I know, you are tired, lack energy and cannot seem to get through the fog of the life you are living.

What if, I told you that your life matters?


What if, I told you and that you have a unique purpose here on earth?


What if,  you could take  time to invest in your own personal growth?


What if, the life you are wanting is right there in front of you?


I will offer you solutions and the help you need to see the growth in your life. I am offering an online mentoring program to get you started. However, if you prefer a one on one meeting depending on your location, this is also possible.

Here is what's included:

  • 6 bespoke mentoring sessions for 45 mins each over 3 months via Zoom or other in other service.

  • Personalized mentoring tool-kits .

  • 6 authentic self-care 15 mins check-in calls.

  • Access to unlimited email support.

  • A 2 hour authentic self-care in depth review (extra charge).

What you will achieve?

  • Identify what's been stopping you from achieving your goals and keeping stuck in the rut.

  • Create a self-care plan the makes YOU a priority.

  • An ability to manage your health and wellness effectively.

  • Be a more energetic person and enjoy the life you want fully.

What is holding you back? Are Feeling stuck? Do you lack energy?


The Authentic Living Workshop

My Authentic Living Workshop is designed to help you find a safe space to discuss matters that they are facing us in our daily lives and addressing them face on. The workshop is held a once a month virtually.


Here is what is included:

  • One day of learning and sharing virtually.

  • Access to all mentoring materials used.

  • Access to my Private Facebook group - Breathe, Heal and Grow.

  • Access to recorded videos to continue on your journey.

  • Access to my Blog.

At the end of this session participants should be able to:

  • Put together a plan of action for a healthier and more balanced approach to healthy eating habits and wellness.

  • Know how to have fullness in all areas of your every day life.

  • Be able to know how to say NO to things that no longer serve you with ease and grace.

  • Have more confidence and clarity.

  • Have a clear and concise action plan on how to continue the work started in the workshop.

  • Remove diet, punishment, shame and exhaustion from your life forever.

  • Live as your Authentic Self!

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