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5 Simple Tips On Finding Your Life Purpose

We have been hearing so much recently about finding our life purpose. It’s everywhere today because many people have awakened to the concept. While it is not a new concept, it was never explored as much as it is today but do we really understand how to go about finding the thing you were meant to do? This is what a life purpose basically means. I believe we were all place here for a reason or a purpose. It starts by first looking at ourselves in the ways outlined in the steps below:

Who am I?

Most people cannot identify themselves. We are trying to be like someone else, for example, when we see celebrities achieving and prospering we tend to think we should copy their style and look etc. We often purchase brands because we want the same style or look as the person we think exemplifies who we want to be like. Why wouldn’t you want to be your own brand? It’s very easy to copy others but it’s not sustainable in the long term. We will become unhappy and miserable. You can be your own brand just like the person you admire. I encourage you to find your own identity and live in authenticity.

Where did I come from?

It seems like a simple question but you should be aware of where you came from. You were created in God’s image, you are unique. Have you thought of how you got here? Yes, you were born by a mother but why? Do you believe you were just put here for no reason? It’s no accident that you are here right now. It’s was all part of a greater plan.

Why I am here?

If you have not lived your life purpose, then this is the time to find out what it is and live it. Once you have life and are able to do so, pursue your life purpose. We all have a purpose to fulfill here on earth. I encourage you to stop dragging yourself through life and find your purpose. What was your childhood dream? The thing you wanted to be or do but because of a limiting belief you had to put it aside. Many times, our dreams are changed by a belief we created about ourselves. For example, we are not smart enough, we don’t have the money etc.

What can I do?

This is the potential that we all have within us and many times it is untapped. What is the thing that you can do but have not explored due to your circumstances? What makes you feel great about yourself? What brings the most joy in your life. For example, is it helping others? Is it a hobby? Is it a passion?

Where am I going?

When you have identified your purpose you will see where you can go. This is called your destiny. It is where you excel the most or where you find your true fulfillment. Where are you destined to be? For some of us, it means traveling to another place to find or follow that dream or to achieve your goals.

By understanding these five concepts, then you can accomplish your life purpose. Come on over to my Facebook group by clicking here to learn more.

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