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Meet Fay

Business Consultant

Lifestyle Mentor


Creative Artist

Mom of Two

Behind every strong independent woman lies a broken little girl who had to learn how to get back up and never to depend on anyone. - Unknown


So what was I missing?

I believe the answer to this rested deep within my heart as I truly never found the one thing that was driving me to be successful. In fact, I was tired, drained and helpless most of the time. It was not until I started questioning why I felt so empty and confused that I realized that I was not doing the things that really made me happy.  I struggled for years and years in this rut. When I finally stepped off the corporate bandwagon, I started doing the things that gave me happiness and freedom to be who I truly am. I was able to use my creativity and started my own small business. The freedom from corporate still did not bring the level of happiness I truly desired. I was still searching.

Reinventing myself...

I had invested time in money in pursuing my creativity, then came the dreaded pandemic. With all that going on around me I started searching for and found the things that made me happy. This helped me to avoid the anxiety and stress that came with the pandemic.


To me, this pandemic was a blessing in disguise. I regained my footing through exercise and writing. It just happened, this time I found more of my AUTHENTIC SELF.


Instead of letting the pandemic get to me, I reinvented myself again, embrace all the downfalls and my new life emerged. I have found my place in this amazing world.


I am living proof that nothing can stop you from pursuing your goals despite the challenges one may face. I am truly and now unapologetic about being my AUTHENTIC SELF.

The girl that loved to dance, skip, teach, dream was back. I found the peace in the stillness of ocean and beauty in the earth that surrounds me.


I also found happiness and the joy of unconditional love. It was like I finally woke up to see what I have been missing all along.


I finally understood that happiness comes from within ourselves and it is not created from things. It is a feeling deep inside that brings you joy when you remove everything else that holds you back from experiencing life.



Following my other passions...


Since my background is in finance, I also embrace the  opportunity to help women entrepreneurs with training and guidance in this area.


One of my  passions is to support and empower women entrepreneurs make their vision a reality. My work is truly from the heart and represents what I stand for regarding quality and credibility.


What will you achieve? You will not only get to optimal service but my creative approach to the work flow assures that you are completely satisfied with my  service. I guarantee you successful guidance  with your projects and ideas  to bring them to fruition.

As an author of a Cookbook, I will also dive into healthy eating habits and share my recipes as well. I would also include many topics in areas which I am versed on my blog regularly.


If you have reached this far reading, you can also hop on to my private Facebook group (Breathe, Heal and Grow) and invite a friend to join.


You will have access to more information on various topics regularly. You can also find me on Instagram at @fayaskeete for regular posts.

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A bit about my professional background...


Changing a career is never easy, particularly when it’s something unrelated to your career path. Coming from a background in Finance, it was no easy task as I am also a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) and holds a Master of Science Degree with Merit in Financial Services Management.

Although this was my chosen career, I was very unhappy for a long time doing the things that I thought I needed to do to be successful. After all, we were taught that the glass ceiling is where most women should aim for in the corporate world. As a woman struggling for success, I encountered many stumbling blocks and even though I managed to get through and over them it still was not enough. I was in a field which was primarily dominated by men and also trying to balance my personal life at the same time.


I left my homeland to finish my education and to pursue better opportunities in Canada. This allowed me to worked at some major corporations before moving back to the Caribbean. I moved across the Caribbean in pursuit of the dream that many aspired for. I had a great family, a decent job and I was making it as many would say.

Live Your Best Life Now!


My Island Life

Finding my life purpose...

My heartfelt desire is to share my story and my journey with the world. In doing so, I have committed to mentor women who struggles with their health and well-being and feels stuck with finding time for themselves, who wants to create a healthy body, mind and soul so she can feel whole and complete while reclaiming her happy, authentic self again.  

If you also desire to find true happiness while embracing all that you have to offer the world.


I would like to help you with mentoring and share with you some of the lessons I learned during this time.

This is where I find peace and calmness in my life.

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